Benefits of Children’s Organic Clothing

Children’s Organic Clothing and why it’s a good idea

Kids Organic Clothing SalesMany of our products are made using organic cotton and organic bamboo. Babies and young children have extra sensitive skin and organic products are grown using far fewer chemicals than normal.  This means they are much gentler and less likely to trigger an allergic reaction. Many parents have found that organic clothing is particularly beneficial to children with eczema because it is made of natural fabrics, which allow the skin to breathe. They are softer than standard materials so don’t irritate the skin and organic bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, which is thought to help stop the spread of infection. Although kids organic clothing is slightly more expensive to buy, it can ultimately be more cost effective as the organic fibres are sturdier than conventional materials. For example, most conventional cotton clothing starts to break down after 15 washes and in comparison organic cotton can last 100 washes or more.

At Little Buttons Boutique we love the variety of kids organic clothing that is currently available and are pleased to stock designs from Frugi, Maxomorra, Piccalilly, Kite Kids, and Toby Tiger.

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